Monastery Resava (Manasija)

Extensive years-long workson the complete reconstruction of the monastery fortificationswere initiatedin the last decade of the last century, andwhich arestillongoing.

Project Manager is the architect Ms. Gordana Simic.

In 2005 a partial restoration and presentation of thenarthex west facade started, whereby the face of the wall wasreconstructed with blocks of sandstone, as well as portal and bifora. These works were continued and were completed in 2006. Drafting of the project for the reconstruction of the floor in the nave andchurchinterior designis in progress.

The works are managed by the architect Mr. Dragoljub Todorovic.

Monastery Resava (Manasija)

Systematic archaeological excavationsstartedin 2005, in the northern part of the monastery churchyard, which allowed for the presentation of the churchyard on the level of the original one. Archaeological excavations in the monastery church'snavewere performed in 2006. Upon removal of the new floor, the base of original floor was discovered.

The grave of Despot Stefan
The grave of Despot Stefan

In the southwest corner of the nave the founders'gravehas been discovered with terrestrial relics of Despot Stefan Lazarevic. The place of Despot's funeralhas been confirmed infull conformity with the results of archaeological excavations and historical sources and the results of anthropological and DNA analysis.

Systematic archaeological excavations are managed by Mr. Marin Brmbolic, archaeologist.

The icons and the door were dismantledfrom wooden iconostasisin the church and their conservationwas performed.

Conservation was performed by Ms. Sonja Poslusni, painter-conservator.